Hierarchy, power and ideology

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In recent years I’ve been interested in power and how it operates in groups that aim towards a non-hierarchy, non -authoritarian coexistence. From the outset I imagined that achieving this  in community life would be easy, right? Given the fact that people would share this common end it would be a relatively straightforward process towards […]


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One of our long-termers, Maarten, has a background in web development and is using his highly-trained skills to build a new domain whose title explains its its purpose – hippylife.eu. He hopes it will grow into an encyclopedic assortment of articles, videos, ideas and tools to help lead an alternative lifestyle in the age of late-stage […]

The Tyranny of Work & Tojeiro

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Bob Black wrote an essay some years ago (link here) called The Abolition of Work. What a dream, eh? Imagine, if you will, a different world, a world without alarm clocks, commutes, and the discipline of bosses and set hours. Imagine in its place a world where work is play. Where toil becomes pleasure it is […]

A Pizza With A Story

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Legend has it that Esposito was called upon to make a pizza for Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita when they visited Naples in 1889. That pizza, which featured fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil, is still known as Pizza Margherita today. From: https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/who-invented-pizza   The Friday Happiness Association has one goal when you strip away everything else: making pizza. Excellent […]

Thefts in Tojeiro

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We’ve had a week of it. Last Friday night/Saturday morning some members of the the community were robbed of gear, some up to 800 Euros worth. Some were insured, some not. Electronics and cash were the preferred items on the agenda for this professional team. They knew what they were doing. The stole from the […]