Circles: good for your health

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The group’s silent positive judgment became the source of the talker’s power. – Teodros Kiros Yesterday we had a Talking Circle – Tuesdays 2pm – and a heady 12 participated. Some spoke a lot, some were silent. The choice was with whoever held the talking stick. Positives and negatives were expressed. The journey to self awareness, […]

Element of Tension

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This region of Europe, as we well know, is prone to devastating, catastrophic and terrifying wildfires. Last evening, about 1800, we were woken from our late afternoon siesta, to shouts of “Gather all the farm buckets. Now”. Soon the knowledge spread, like wildfire, if you like, through the farm that an uncontrolled fire was playing […]

27.05.2016 – Last Pizzanight in May

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Hi Folks! Let’s meet again for the last Party in May – BUT only for the for the START into a new saison in Tojeiro! Summertime… Come and join our famous Pizzanight with lots of delicious food, drinks, music and dancing under the stars! WE hope to see YOU!   Line-up: –Olly Booth (Chil-out) –Luis Miguel Freire (Dj-set Techno) –Miguel Dacoste […]