Two flowers in Tojeiro garden..

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Bom Dia World! Im Amy! I have been here for three weeks, returning on and off for two years. I have been over seeing the garden for a little time with my friends here. After a day watering and tending to the plants. I sat on the sofa and then a fellow scouser appeared. For […]


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  Trudy This article is dedicated to Trudy. In loving devotion to the kindest sheep soul we ever did meet. We rose from a coffee hit to a morning with the animals. First, the chickens. Then up to the top of the hill to greet the three goats, and Trudy the only sheep with a […]


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Glitter frames the edge of her eye lashes As she lounges within the drum and bass frequencies Theres a magic mystic floating threw the air I wait for the wind to direct my next path My actions are random but justified by the flow of the wind Rocking up, down and everywhere else   Yet […]

Never stop being curious!

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Its the 6th of July 2017, I sit in the bamboo bar of the happiness association working my shift. My morning consisted of a sunrise wake and a breakfast cook up. I count myself lucky to be waking up again in Tojeiro for there is truly a magic mystic floating threw the air…. Being around […]